Par Auteurs (en anglais)

Abad de Santillán Diego
After the Revolution
Why We Lost the War : A Contribution to the History of the Spanish Tragedy

Ackelsberg Martha
Free women of Spain
“Separate and equal”?: Mujeres Libres and anarchist strategy for women’s emancipation

Alexander Robert
The anarchists in the Spanish civil war Janus Publishing Company London 1999 Tome 1
The anarchists in the Spanish civil war Tome 2

Amorós Miguel 
Interview with Ruta 66, Juillet 2016
The Durruti Column On Tour In Russia

Arshinov Piotr
History of the Makhnovist Movement (1918-1921) – 1923
The Old and New in Anarchism : A Reply to Comrade Malatesta

Avrich Paul
Bakunin and the United States
Kropotkin in America
Russian Anarchists and the Civil War Russian Review, Volume 27, n° 3 (Juil., 1968)
Sasha and Emma. The anarchist odyssey of Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman – Paul Avrich, Karen Avrich The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press 2012
The Anarchists in the Russian Revolution Russian Review, Volume 26, n°4 (oct 1967)
The Legacy of Bakunin
The Russian Anarchists 1967
What is “Makhaevism”? Juillet 1965
Paul Avrich 1931-2006 : a historian who listened to anarchist voices Collective Kate Sharpley Library

Baginski Max
Anarchism and Anti-Militarism on Trial Mother Earth 2, no. 8 (October 1907) : 329-333.
The Anarchist International Mother Earth 2, no. 9 (November, 1907) : 374-377.
The pioneer of communist anarchism in America Mother Earth. Vol. VI mars 1911
Without Government Mother Earth 1, no. 1 (Mars 1906) : 20-26.

Berkman Alexander
A Greeting Mother Earth 1, no. 4 (June 1906) : 3-6.
Life of an anarchist. The Alexander Berkman Reader
Prisons and Crime Mother Earth 1, no. 6 (Août 1906) : 23-29.
Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist New York, Mother Earth Press, 1912.
Some Reminiscences of Kropotkin
The Bolshevik Myth New York : Boni and Liveright, 1925.
What Is Communist Anarchism ? New York : Vanguard Press, 1929.

Berneri Camillo
Voir Introduction à Camillo Berneri

Berneri Marie Louise
The Price of War: By Fire and Sword
Marie Louise Berneri 1918-1949. A Tribute The Marie Louise Berneri Memorial Committee London, 1949
Voir aussi Par auteurs (en français)

Black Rose Anarchist Federation
Black Anarchism. A reader

Bookchin Murray Voir introduction à

Bourne Randolph
The Handicapped
The State
What is Exploitation

Brinton Maurice (Chris Pallis)
The Bolsheviks and workers’ control: the state and counter-revolution
Revolutionary organisation
Chris Pallis dit Maurice Brinton (1923–2005) La Bataille Socialiste

Camus Albert
Camus Albert and the Anarchists Organise! spring 2007

Chomsky Noam
Notes on Anarchism 1970

Christie Stuart
Looking Back at Anger Interview de Stuart Christie par Andrew Stevens
Téllez Solà, Antonio, 1921-2005
We, the anarchists! A study of the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI) 1927-1937.

Contemporary Anarchist Studies An introductory anthology of anarchy in the academy

Cornelissen Christiaan
Libertarian communism and the transitional regime

Crass Chris
Against Patriarchy: Tools for Men to Further Feminist Revolution
But We Don’t Have Leaders: Leadership Development and Anti-Authoritarian Organizing
Let’s Build Liberation A Conversation with Chris Crass on Anti-Racism and Revolutionary Struggle
Looking to the Light of Freedom: Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement and Thoughts on Anarchist Organizing
Tools for White Guys who are Working for Social Change… and other people socialized in a society based on domination
Towards Social Justice: Elizabeth ‘Betita’ Martinez and the Institute for MultiRacial Justice

de Cleyre Voltairine
A Glance at Communism The Twentieth Century Vol.9 n°9 (1 septembre 1892)
A Memorial Oration, Why? Vol.1 n°13 novembre 1913
Anarchism and American Traditions The International Anarchist Publishing Committee of America, Chicago : Free Society Group, 1932
Direct Action
Dyer D. Lum The Freethinkers’ Magazine Vol.11 n°8 (août 1893)
Economics of Dyer D. Lum Twentieth Century. December 7, 1893
Francisco Ferrer
Selected works of Voltairine de Cleyre Edité par Alexandre Berkman
The Dawn-Light of Anarchy Free Society, November 24, 1901
The Dominant Idea Mother Earth Vol.5 n°3 (mai 1910);Vol.5 n°4 (juin 1910)
The Economic Tendency of Freethought (1890)
The Mexican Revolt, Mother Earth Vol.6 n°6 août 1911
The Mexican revolution Mother Earth Vol.6 n°10 (décembre 1911); Vol.6 n°11 (janvier 1912); Vol.6 n°12 (février 1912)
They Who Marry Do Ill Mother Earth Vol.2, n°11 (janvier 1908)
Why I Am an Anarchist
A Priestess of Pity and of Vengeance Leonard D. Abbott Mother Earth Vol.7, n°7 (septembre 1912)
Voltairine de Cleyre – a biographical sketch Chris Crass
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DE CLEYRE, Voltairine (1866-1912)

Dolgoff Sam
The Cuban Revolution: A Critical Perspective (1974)
The American Labor Movement: A New Beginning  Publié à l’origine en 1980 par Resurgence
The Anarchist Collectives: Workers’ Self-Management in the Spanish Revolution, 1936-1939 (1974)
The Relevance Of Anarchism To Modern Society
Sam Dolgoff.Biography Paul Berman Village Voice, 13 Novembre 1990.
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Ehrlich Carol
Socialism, anarchism and feminism

Enckell Marianne
The School & the Barricade Progressive Librarian, n° 16, Automne 1999
Voir aussi Par auteurs (en français)

Fabbri Luigi
Bourgeois Influences on Anarchism See Sharp Press 2001
Life of Malatesta
Preventative Counter-Revolution
Revolution and Dictatorship
Fabbri, Luigi, 1877-1935 Francesco Lamendola, (Unamita Nova, (6-11-1988)

Feldman Leah
A Rebel Spirit Albert Meltzer

Ferrer Francisco
The Origin and Ideals of the Modern School London : Watts & Co. 1913

Flores Magón Ricardo
Collected Works

Galleani Luigi
The End of Anarchism?
The Principal of Organization to the Light of Anarchism
Seething with the ideal : Galleanisti and class struggle in late 19th century and early 20th-century USA Christopher Wellbrook

Goldman Emma
Voir Documents en Ligne

Goldsmith Marie

Goldsmith, Marie: her life and thought

Goodman Paul
Banning Cars from Manhattan
Designing Pacifist Films
Reflections on the Anarchist Principle
Some Remarks on War Spirit
The Black Flag of Anarchism
Why Are There No Alternatives ? Evergreen Review Vol. 5, No.16, January-February 1961
On Paul Goodman Susan Sontag
Paul Goodman: Finding an Audience for Anarchism in 20th Century America Carissa Honeywell
The world of Paul Goodman Anarchy n°11 Janvier 1962
Redrawing The Line: The Anarchist Writings of Paul Goodman Paul Comeau
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Gordon Uri
voir Introduction à Uri Gordon

Graeber David
Concerning the Violent Peace-Police
Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology Prickly Paradigm Press 2004
Revolution in Reverse 2007
Some Remarks on Consensus
Tactical Briefing Adbusters, #82, volume 17, number 2. Mars/Avril 2009
The New Anarchists New Left Review, 13 — Janvier-Février 2002
« The Shock of Victory ». Infoshop News.
The Twilight of Vanguardism
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Graham Marcus
Anarchism, capitalism and Marxism Resistance Vol.8, n°2 août-septembre 1949
Ethics and anarchists Resistance Vol.7, n°4 mars 1949
Is anarchy possible?
Marxism and a free society
What Ought to be the Anarchist Attitude Towards the Machine MAN!, Vol.2, n°3, mars 1934

Graham Robert
Anarchism – A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas Volume One – From Anarchy to Anarchism (300 CE to 1939).
Anarchism – A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas Volume Two – The Emergence of the New Anarchism (1939 to 1977).
Voir aussi le site de Robert Graham

Guillamón Agustín
Barricades in Barcelona: The CNT from the victory of July 1936 to the necessary defeat of May 1937  (Traduction française Barricades à Barcelone Éd Spartacus 2009)
From defense cadres to popular militias
Interview with Agustín Guillamón, historian of the Spanish Revolution
The Friends of Durriti Group 1937-39

Kissack Terence
Free Comrades: Anarchism and Homosexuality in the United States, 1895-1917 AK Press 2008

Landauer Gustav
Anarchism in Germany
Revolution and other Writings: a Political Reader Edité et traduit par Gabriel Kuhn
The 12 Articles of the Socialist Federation
For Community: The Communitarian Anarchism Of Gustav Landauer Larry Gambone
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Le Guin Ursula K.
A Non-Euclidean View of California as a Cold Place to Be

Leighton Marian
Voltairine de Cleyre: An Introduction
Anarcho-feminism and Louise Michel

Lum Dyer
The Fiction of Natural Rights Liberty. VI, 25 15 février 1890

Macdonald Dwight
The Root Is Man Brooklyn, NY : Autonomedia, 1995. Print.

Magón Ricardo Flores (De)
Land and Liberty
Without Bosses
Magon, Ricardo Flores, 1873-1922
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Makhno Nestor
The Struggle Against the State and Other Essays
In Memory of the Kronstadt Revolt Delo Truda N°10, Mars 1926
My visit to the Kremlin
The Idea of Equality and the Bolsheviks Delo Truda N°9, Février 1926
The Russian revolution in Ukraine (March 1917 – April 1918)
After Makhno The Anarchist underground in the Ukraine ln the 1920s and 1930s: Outlines of history – Anatoly V. Dubovlk & The Story of a leaflet and the Fate of the Anarchist – Varshavskly – D.I. Rublyov
Nestor Makhno: the man and the myth Paul Avrich
Makhno and his enemies M.Malet Supplément à Freedom Vol. 38, No. 19 2 Mars 1976
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Malatesta Errico
Malatesta: His Life and Ideas Vernon Richards (ed.)

Marshall Peter
Demanding the impossible: A history of anarchism

Mason Paul
Tracing Louise Michel in the Pacific. Researching the women communards on New Caledonia

Maximoff G. P.
The guillotine at work. Twenty Years of Terror in Russia

Mbah Sam & I.E. Igariwey
African anarchism The history of a movement

Meltzer Albert
Anarchism, Arguments For and Against Cienfuegos Press,
I couldn’t paint Golden Angels AK Press 1996
The Anarchists In London 1935 – 1955
The Floodgates of Anarchy (Avec Stuart Christie )
The labour movement in Spain
A Rebel Spirit Leah Feldman

Milstein Cindy
Something Did Start in Quebec City : North America’s Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Movement Juin 2001

Molyneu Maxine
No God, No Boss, No Husband Anarchist Feminism in Nineteenth-Century Argentina Latin American Perspectives, Vol. 13, No. 1 hiver 1986
Mobilization without Emancipation? Women’s Interests, the State, and Revolution in Nicaragua Feminist Studies Vol 11 n°2 Eté 1985

Montseny Federica (De)
Militant Anarchism and the Reality in Spain Discours de Federica Montseny
Federica Montseny and Mujeres Libres : two approaches to women’s emancipation based in spanish anarchism Gretchen A. Bowder
Federica Montseny and Spanish Anarchist Feminism (1976) Shirley F. Fredericks (Trad R&B)

Most Johann
Action as Propaganda Freiheit,  25 juillet 1885
Anarchy Defended by Anarchists avec Emma Goldman Metropolitan Magazine, vol. IV, No. 3; Octobre 1896.
Anarchist Communism (1889)
Attack Is The Best Form Of Defense Freiheit, 13 septembre  1884
The Pittsburgh Proclamation Congress of the International Working Peoples’ Association 1883
The Social Monster
When Is The People “Ready” For Freedom? Freiheit, 15 novembre 1884
In Memoriam of John Most Stephen Daniels.Mother Earth Vol. 8, no. 1 mars 1913 pp. 10-14.
Johann Most – Emma Goldman American Mercury. Juin 1926  p.9

Mühsam Erich
Liberating society from the state and other writings: A political reader Traduit et édité par Gabriel Kuhn
Mühsam, Erich: His life, his work, his martyrdom – Augustin Souchy

Nettlau Max
After Six Years of Authoritarian Revolution
Anarchism in England Fifty Years Ago Liberty 15, no. 1 (February 1906) : 44-51
An Anarchist Manifesto – 1er mai 1895
Anarchism : Communist or Individualist ? Both
Are there New Fields for Anarchist Activity ?
Errico Malatesta. Rough Outlines of His Life up till 1920 Freedom 34 no. 375 (September 1920) : 50-52 ; 34 no. 376 (October 1920) : 58-59 ; 34 no. 377 (November 1920) : 66-67.
Errico Malatesta — The Biography of an Anarchist
Anselme Bellegarrigue Extrait de Max Nettlau, A Short History of Anarchism, trans. Ida Pilat Isca, ed. Heiner M. Becker (London : Freedom Press, 1996), pp. 66-68.

Newman Saul
The Politics of Postanarchism

Nomad Max [Maximilian Nach]
The preacher. Johann Most, Terrorist of the Word Extrait de Apostles of Revolution, Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1939.

Notes from nowhere
We are Everywhere

Parsons Albert
Haymarket statements of the accused

Parsons Lucy
A Word to Tramps  The Alarm [Chicago], vol. 1, no. 1 4 octobre 1884
November 11, fifty years ago The One Big Union Monthly Novembre 1937
Speech to the IWW 1905
The Principles of Anarchism 1905
Lucy Parsons: « More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters Keith Rosenthal
A Fury For Justice: Lucy Parsons And The Revolutionary Anarchist Movement in Chicago Jacob McKean

Peirats José
Anarchists in the Spanish Revolution.Freedom Press London 1998
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Pesotta Rose
Bread upon the Waters 1945

Pons Prades Eduardo
Spanish Republicans in the Liberation of Paris Historia 16 n°111 juillet 1985

Purchase Graham
Anarchism and Ecology
Anarchism and Environmentalism
Peter Kropotkin Ecologist, Philosopher and Revolutionary

Read Herbert
Neither Liberalism Nor Communism 1947
The Philosophy of Anarchism. Freedom Press 1940
The Education of Free Men Freedom Press 1944
Kropotkin – The Master
Herbert Read Prospects vol. 24, no.1/2, 1994, p. 375–90
Herbert Read As A Twentieth-Century Romantic Poet Leila W.M.Ryan

Richards Vernon
Protest without illusions
Vernon Richards, un anarchiste photographeCIRA

Rocker Rudolph
AnarchoSyndicalism Martin Secker and Warburg Ltd
The Reproduction of Daily Life
The tragedy of Spain
Rudolf Rocker & Social Democracy in Germany Augustin Souchy
Rudolph Rocker: Anarchist missionary, 1873-1958 Fishman, W. J. History Today Janvier 1966

Rosemont Penelope
Disobedience: The antidote for miserablism FIFTH ESTATE #386, Spring, 2012, Vol. 47, No. 1
The Psychopathology of Work Green Anarchy #15, Winter 2004

Schapiro Alexander
Class collaboration – old and new, and Open letter to the CNT Avec Joseph Wagner One Big Union Monthly, Août 1937
The crisis of power Golos Truda, 8 Septembre 1917
The policy of the International Vanguard Février 1933 p 5-8
The USSR and the CNT: an unconscionable stance Solidaridad, Décembre 1937.

Souchy Augustin
Beware! Anarchist! A life for freedom
Collectivizations: The constructive achievements of the Spanish Revolution. Essays, documents and reports – Avec Paul Folgare
Conversation with Augustin Souchy Europaische Ideen, Vol. 39,1978
The Tragic Week in May . The May Days Barcelona 1937
With the peasants of Aragon

Steimer Mollie
An Anarcha-feminist Profile – Mollie Steimer

Tucker Benjamin
Individual Liberty From the Writings of Benjamin R. Tucker Vanguard Press, New York, 1926, Kraus Reprint Co., Millwood, NY, 1973.
Benjamin Tucker – Anarchist or capitalist ? Gary Elkin

Voline’s Preface. – Préface de Voline à History of the Makhnovist Movement (1918-1921), (1923) de Peter Arshinov
Volin (Eichenbaum, Vsevelod Mikhailovich) aka Voline, 1882 -1945 Nick Heath

Ward Colin
Anarchism as a Theory of Organization
Anarchy in action Freedom Press 1996
Autonomy, solidarity, possibility: the Colin Ward reader
Self-help in urban renewal
The Case Against Voting New Society 15 May 1987
The Child in the City
The hidden history of housing
Violence; its nature causes and remedies Penguin (1970)
Voir aussi Auteurs en français

Warren Josiah
Equitable Commerce

Wieck David
Anarchism, Anarchy, Anarchists
Anarchist Justice
From Politics to Social Revolution Resistance, Volume XII, n°1, Avril 1954
If they don’t seem to like it here Resistance,Vol.11, n°4 février 1954
Reforms and emancipation Resistance,Vol.12, n°3 Août-octobre 1954
The logic of Liberty Resistance,Vol XI n°2 octobre 1953
The Negativity of Anarchism
The realization of freedom Resistance, Vol. Xl, n°1 août 1953

Willis Liz
Women in the Spanish revolution

Wilson Charlotte
Anarchy Justice, Volume 1, N° 43, 8 November 1884
Le travail  Freedom, Volume 2, Number 22, Juillet 1888
La justice The Anarchist, Volume 1, Number 5, Juillet 1885

Woodcock George
Reflections on decentralism Anarchy, October 1969
The Libertarians and the Cold War Resistance, Vol. XII, No. 2, June 1954
The Tyranny of the Clock War Commentary Mars 1944

Yelensky Boris
In the Social Storm Memoirs of the Russian Revolution
In the Struggle for Equality:The History of the Anarchist Red Cross 1958 éditée par la Boston Anarchist Black Cross

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