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« Pour être sûrs que notre histoire survive à la tendance inévitable du révisionnisme, il est capital de développer nos propres versions de ce qui s’est passé et pourquoi »
Eric Noble A People’s History of the Sixties  The Diggers Archives

La presque totalité des pages sont des traductions inédites (et amateurs) de textes majoritairement anglophones.


Site des occupant⋅e⋅s de la ZAD


For English readers,

Website of the ZAD occupation

Defending the zad


Sitio de los ocupantes de la ZAD

Defender la zad

Prochain rassemblement/ Next rally : 8 octobre


Defend the zad – a call for international solidarity October 8th & 9th 2016

For over 50 years, farmers and locals have resisted the building of a new airport for the French city of Nantes (which by the way already has one). Now in these rich fields, forests and wetlands, which multinational Vinci want to cover in concrete, an experiment in reinventing everyday life in struggle is blossoming. Radicals from around the world, local farmers and villagers, citizen groups, trade unionists and naturalists, refugees and runaways, squatters and climate justice activists and many others, are organising to protect the 4000 acres of land against the airport and its world.

Government officials have coined this place “a territory lost to the republic”. Its occupants have named it : la zad (zone a défendre) zone to defend. In the winter of 2012, thousands of riot police attempted to evict the zone, but they faced a determined and diverse resistance. This culminated in a 40,000 people strong demonstration to rebuild some of what had been destroyed by the French State. Less than a week later, the police was forced to stop what they called “Operation Cesar”. For the last three years, the zad has been an extraordinary laboratory of new ways of living, rooted in collaborations between all those who make up the diversity of this movement. There is even a set of 6 points (see below) to radically rethink how to organise and work the land without an airport, based on the creation of commons, the notion of usage rather than property and the demand that those who fought for the land are those who decide its use.

Now, the entire zone is due for expulsions to start the construction of this absurd airport. Prime minister Valls has promised a “Rendez Vous” this October to evict everyone who is living, working, building and farming on the zone.

On October 8th, tens of thousands of people will gather on the zad to demonstrate that the determination of the movement is as strong as ever. Honouring farmers struggles from the past, we will come with wooden walking batons and leave them on the zone, as a sign of the commitment to come back and pick them up again if necessary. We will also raise a barn, built by dozens of carpenters during the summer, which will be used as a base, should evictions happen.

We are calling on all international groups and movements to either come to the zone on October 8th or show their solidarity with the zad through actions directed at the French government or multinational Vinci in their own towns and cities on that day. The airport will never be built. Life on the zad will keep on flourishing ! *** 6 points for the future of the zad. Since there will be no airport… Once the project is abandoned, we want : 1. That the inhabitants, owners or tenants who are part of a compulsory purchase or eviction order can remain on the zone and regain their rights. 2. That the impacted farmers resisting and refusing to bend to the will of AGO-Vinci, can continue to freely cultivate the lands that they use and recover their rights and pursue their work in good conditions. 3. That the new inhabitants who came to the zad to take part in the struggle can remain on the zone. That everything which has been build since 2007 as part of the occupation movement in terms of experiments in alternative agriculture, self-built homes or temporary dwellings (huts, yurts, caravans etc.) and forms of life and resistance, can stay and continue. 4. That the lands that each year are redistributed by the chamber of agriculture for AGO-Vinci’s, in the form of precarious leases, are handled by a body that comes out of the resistance movement and brings together all its elements. So that it is the anti-airport movements rather than the normal institutions that decide on the uses of this land. 5. That these lands are for new agricultural or non agricultural projects, be they authorised or not, and not for the expansion of already existing farms. 6. That these agreements becomes a reality through our collective determination and that we carry together an attention to resolve all eventual conflicts linked to them being put in place. We are already sowing and building a future without an airport in our unity and diversity. It is up to all of us, from today, to enable it to flourish and to defend it.




Ce qui est nouveau/ What’s new

Janvier 2016 Mise à jour de Zones A Défendre et une page NDDL. Les nouveaux anarchistes David Graeber

Mars 2016 Introduction à Diane di Prima  Introduction à Uri Gordon Uri Gordon La libération maintenant : Les dimensions du temps présent de l’anarchisme contemporain

Avril 2016 Introduction à Shulamith Firestone The Women’s Rights Movement in the U.S.A.: New View. Occupy : Démocratie contre Autonomie Crimethinc. Le coût de la guerre : Par le feu et l’épée Marie Louise Berneri. Une nouvelle rubrique Arts. Le Front de Libération des Artistes et la Formation de la Contre Culture des Années Soixante Eric Noble

Mai 2016 Les « casseurs » , terme (re)devenu à la mode. La poésie comme praxis révolutionnaire : Philip Lamantia & le Mouvement Surréaliste aux États-Unis Franklin Rosemont

Juin 2016 Un regard anarchiste sur la vie Emma Goldman

Août 2016 Les Raids Palmer. Les Industrial Workers of the World, avec une première page sur Joe Hill. Francisco Ferrer et l’École Moderne Emma Goldman



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Préface à Pensieri e battaglie 1938 – Emma Goldman

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Une Politique Constructive
Le Coût de la Guerre et de la Libération
Le coût de la guerre : Par le feu et l’épée

Berkman Alexandre
In memoriam Alexander Berkman
La nécessité de traduire les idéaux dans la vie quotidienne
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Le projet communaliste

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L’Anarchisme, Ou Le Mouvement Révolutionnaire du Vingt et Unième Siècle

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“Nouvel Anarchisme”: Quelques réflexions
Le militantisme au-delà des Black Blocs

Landauer Gustav
Anarchisme – Socialisme

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Souvenirs sur Nestor Makhno – Ida Mett

Meltzer Albert
Derrière les Slogans : « Indépendance Nationale »

Montseny Federica
Federica Montseny et le féminisme anarchiste espagnol Shirley F. Fredericks

Rexroth Kenneth
Les Débuts d’une Nouvelle Révolte
Les mouvements radicaux sur la défensive
Haight-Ashbury et les années soixante

Rosemont Franklin

Saornil Lucía Sánchez
La « Femme » dans la guerre et dans la révolution : Mujeres Libres 1936
La question de féminisme

Steimer Mollie
Mollie Steimer: Une vie Anarchiste – Paul Avrich

Voline – 1882-1945 par Rudolf Rocker

Ward Colin
La sociologie anarchiste du fédéralisme

Woodcock George
Anarchism. A History of Libertarians ideas and Movements – Post-Scriptum

Zinn Howard
Une interview

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Pourquoi nous avons perdu la guerre de Diego Abad de Santillán

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Diggers de San Francisco – Index des pages

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Freedom Press
Une Histoire de Freedom Press
Des anarchistes devant le tribunal, Angleterre, Avril 1945

Industrial Workers of the World
Pourquoi les IWW ne sont pas patriotes

League for the Amnesty of Political Prisoners
La Ligue pour l’Amnistie des Prisonniers Politiques Emma Goldman

Mother Earth
La TERRE MERE E. Goldman et M. Baginski

L’essor et le déclin de la Commune de Oakland

À propos de la Plateforme, Lettre à Errico Malatesta de Nestor Makhno.
Réponse de Malatesta à Nestor Makhno

Où était la couleur à Seattle ? A la recherche des raisons pour lesquelles le Grande Bataille fut si blanche

Ce que nous sommes, ce que nous voulons
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Bakounine et Les États-Unis
Espagne Guerre et révolution
—Controverse : Les Anarchistes dans la Révolution Espagnole
—L’anarchisme britannique et la guerre civile espagnole
—Violence et terrorisme anarchiste durant la guerre civile
—Le Pacte d’Unité CNT-UGT de 1938
Un lieu de vie pour la dissidence
La Fédération Anarchiste de Petrograd
Résistance, Communauté et Renouveau. La Conférence du Peuple Anarchiste de Couleur
L’arrestation de Kropotkine
Le procès des anarchistes à Lyon
Les Raids Palmer

Les Branches


Une brève visite à Ferguson
La Démocratie sans État : Comment le Mouvement des Femmes Kurdes a Libéré la Démocratie de l’état
Les « casseurs »


Ouvrage, documents, articles en ligne

Ouvrage, documents, articles en ligne – En français/ French
Ouvrage, documents, articles en ligne – En Anglais/ English


Quatre questions pour l’art anarchiste
Le Front de Libération des Artistes
La poésie comme praxis révolutionnaire : Philip Lamantia & le Mouvement Surréaliste aux États-Unis


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