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Racines et Branches – Un regard libre sur les théories et pratiques anti-autoritaires.

An independent look at anti-authoritarian theories and practices.



« Pour être sûrs que notre histoire survive à la tendance inévitable du révisionnisme, il est capital de développer nos propres versions de ce qui s’est passé et pourquoi »
Eric Noble A People’s History of the Sixties  The Diggers Archives

La presque totalité des pages sont des traductions inédites (et amateurs) de textes majoritairement anglophones.


Site des occupant⋅e⋅s de la ZAD


For English readers,

Website of the ZAD occupation

Defending the zad


Sitio de los ocupantes de la ZAD

Defender la zad

Invitation to an intergalactic week in the ZAD – Notre-Dame-Des-Landes – August 12th to 20th

(see full call)

##August 12th – 20th : A summer invitation in the zad

We’re inhabitants of the zad who wish to strenghten connections and networks with groups and people from other countries. In this spirit, we invite you to an Intergalactic week* in the zad from the 12th to the 20th of August. The week will include various activities, workshops, discussions :

Participation to the construction of the Intergalactic cabin : During the whole summer, a intergalactic cabin will be built in the zad. It will be a place to welcome groups and projects from all over the world, a space with possibilities for trainings, meetings, presentations, parties, and much more. It will be possible to join the construction work during the whole week as well as discuss how you might want to use the space when operational.

Meeting the existing local comitees : There are dozens of local support comitees who have been active in France in the last years. On the week end of the 12h and 13th, some of them will also be in the zad. We’d like to create opportunities for meetings between them and groups from other countries (potententially through a big orientation course, among other things).

“Defend the zad” trainings : We will organise practical trainings about the zad’s defense. It will be an opportunity to share techniques and ideas for resisting a massive police attack on the ground. This trainings were tried last year with hundreds of people of various ages, desires and physical capacities. It will also be an opportuntity to discuss the possibilities for off site actions and blocades for those who won’t be able to come to the zad in case of evictions.

Sharing the history of zad : We’ll propose walks and times slots to share the history of the zad.

Reinforcing connections with other struggles and solidarities : We want to discuss possibilities to stop capitalist projects, to take part in revolutionary situations, to build autonomous zones on a long term and large scale in a strong network, and ideally strengthen the no border network. We want to exchange about your experience. There will be times slots open during the week for various presentations and discussions.

Logistic and participation : The intergalactic week will use the structure of a “mobile camp” that was put together last year in case of evictions (however participants need to bring their own tents, mats, sleeping bags, headtorch). Food and logistics will be organized and will require everybody’s involvement.

Let us know if you are coming !  : We need to know in advance the number of participants in order to organize the programme and logistics (ideally we would like people to come and stay for the whole week to develop a process in common). Please tell us before by July 31st how many of you will come and for how long. Let us know as which language(s) you speak so as to organize translation.

We look forward to welcoming you in the zad ! Contact : exclaimthezad@riseup.net

This Intergalactic Gathering is a tribute to the Zapatista’s incentive to go beyond borders and a contribution to their recent call  The Walls Above, The Cracks Below (and to the Left)


Ce qui est nouveau/ What’s new


Le site de R&B dédié à Emma Goldman

Mai 2017 Emma Goldman et le monde ouvrier et Samuel Gompers sur le site annexe à R&B consacré à Emma Goldman. Zad is the question

Juin 2017 Nous sommes-nous trompés? Murray Bookchin. Nous sommes-nous trompés? Suite

Juillet 2017  Murray Boockin L’agriculture radicale. Au-delà de l’idéologie Yavor Tarinski L’organisation radicale du vingt-et-unième siècle Yavor Tarinski Écologie profonde, anarcho-syndicalisme et avenir de l’anarchisme Murray Boockin Introduction à Herbert Read Ni libéralisme, ni communisme

Août 2017  We are Everywhere Réseaux : l’écologie des mouvements  ; Infernal Noise: La bande-son de l’insurrection  La désobéissance, c’est le bonheur : l’art de Mujeres CreandoArt Résistance et rébellion sur internet ; Convocation à l’édition cybernétique du pARTage « Contre le Capital et ses murs, tous les arts »





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Les Branches



Ouvrage, documents, articles en ligne

Ouvrage, documents, articles en ligne – En français/ French
Ouvrage, documents, articles en ligne – En Anglais/ English



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